Testimonials – What our clients have to say about Zone music lessons.

The in depth lessons are only one reason Derek has continued taking music lessons at Zone Guitars. More about the lessons later though. Debbie and Earl make Derek feel welcome, it is a trusted and supporting environment, this is a crucial element to learning.

Derek has a crazy busy schedule with his sports, social life a part time job and of course school. Debbie has always been remarkably accommodating as our schedules change and it is so much appreciated. The lessons have been a great part of Derek’s skill set and he feels a lot of pride and enjoyment with his new level of playing. Family and friends have commented on how much he has progressed.

He has also taken vocal lessons at Zone Guitars for a short time and the progression is already noticeable.

Derek has been taking acoustic guitar lessons at Zone for about a year. Prior to that he had taken lessons elsewhere and had actually stopped playing because he was frustrated, not progressing and wasn’t understanding the fundamentals. He now plays every day simply as a way to relax and feel good because he understands the basics and has built a solid base on that.

These are more than lessons now, they are a welcome part of the week that are looked forward to.

Philip Yates

Zone Guitars,

Carolyn Meecham likes this. And there is good reason! You guys are awesome! I cannot believe the progress James has made. His enthusiasm, and focus is all due to Earl’s gift as a great…and very cool teacher. James is always so charged after his lessons and cant wait to show me his latest!

Zone guitars has been amazing for me. My playing has really progressed since coming to Zone Guitars.
Debbie and Earl are great people to deal with. Earl makes learning fun and easy but very effective.
The guitars here are awesome great quality and sound amazing value for the dollar.

Thanks to Zone guitars.

My grandson has gone from a beginner guitar player to an amazing intermediate guitar player in just 7 months.
Scott has done a fantastic job which has enabled him now to play with his youth group at church.

Thank you guys – you are great!!
I am a very proud Grandmother

I have been taking music lessons at Zone Guitars for only a few months and already I feel comfortable with my guitar. The lessons are fun and varied and I have learned to read music and am able to play a variety of songs of all genres, and also to play chords along with popular songs I hear every day. Earl takes the time to focus on what I need to learn to become proficient but still enjoy the music. I would highly recommend Zone Guitars for all age groups and all levels of experience.

Nancy Sovernigo

Earl has really helped Ayden learn how to play and grow as a guitar player but in a very fun and nurturing way. He looks forward to his music lesson each week and really takes what Earl has taught him into his practicing. He has taught Ayden to speak up and give his opinion as well he has also given him the confidence to stand up in front of a crowd and play and just have fun with it.

Patrizia Jacobs

Earl Johnson is without a doubt an amazing teacher as well as a very talented player. It has been my absolute pleasure to have had the opportunity to have studied with Earl. He has helped me to grow as a musician. He is absolutely supportive of my every need as a beginner. Employing his positive encouragement and great patience has helped me to develop the skills I need to help continue my guitar journey. Because of this it kept me excited and very motivated and allowed me to play exactly the kind of music that I wanted to play. Earl is an extremely awesome teacher!!


“Zone guitars changed me. I was stuck in a rut playing the same old thing for years, not really understanding the guitar. But working a midnight shift schedule it was hard to find time for lessons. Deb and Earl worked around my hectic schedule with ease. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the zone team, I’m rock’n out the way I always wanted to. Thanks so much, Deb and Earl, my extended family.


– Adam”

Zone Guitars is a Great place to learn and play music! Everyone there is extremely welcoming and they make you feel at home. My guitar skills have improved so much after enrolling at Zone Guitar and I’ll be looking forward to seeing myself get better due to the great teaching that they provide!!

Dominic Q

August 13, 2009
Dean has been playing guitar since he was ten years old. After only 2 years of lessons, Dean applied himself daily with a special love and determination, his talents were apparent. He’s been exposed to several styles of music and moved from teacher to teacher in hopes of broadening his skills.
This summer Dean was introduced to Earl Johnson, formerly of Moxie ~ a well known band. With only one lesson it was apparent that Earl and Dean share the same love and passions for their guitar and music. After only a handful of lessons from Earl, Dean’s style, abilities and stage presence have vastly improved. He just turned 16 years old and there he was playing Freeway Jam on stage with Earl Johnson! He is learning how to utilize scales to enhance his performances and continues to grow.
With Earl’s guidance Dean will be well on his way to pursue his dream as an Artist in the music industry. We are grateful for the wonderful opportunities that have come Deans way. Thank you Earl we all look forward to continuing this relationship.

Sid & Elaine Visser

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