Rock School

Rock School

Rock Band Music Lessons

Zone is now offering Rock Band classes for beginner, intermediate bands, and individuals of all ages, male and female. If you want to form or join a band call us and we will do our best to connect you with players of equal caliber and similar interests.

We can teach you how to make your band rock and reach higher performance levels and how to write your own songs.

We also teach you how to perform in a LIVE setting in our studios.

Learn to play the Guitar, Bass, Drums or Vocal Lessons.

Call now to book your class, limited space!

Rock Band Music LessonsZone Rock School classes cover all aspects of live performances. These are several of the items we address with each Band in Class.

1/ Vocal Performance. Is the song in the right key for the singer. Every singer has 3 or 4 keys in which their voice has a stronger resonance point. We make sure that the band picks the right songs to perform.

2/ Rhythm Section interaction. The Bass player and Drummer have to be in sync for the song to have strong impact and be true to the original form. We break down key points or changes in a song to make sure the Bass and Drums area in time with each other.


Rock Band Music Lessons

3/ Guitar Rhythms and Dynamics. We work with the guitarists to make sure the Rhythm Chording is in sync with the rest of the band and that the sound levels are even and not overpowering the vocals. Solos are played at higher levels than the Verse or Chorus and we teach our students how to use their volume and tone controls to insure proper dynamics within the chosen song.

4/ Live Performance. We fully prepare our bands for live performances at our student showcases (6 times a year) or at our weekly new band showcase at ZONE Jam Night. At ZONE we want our students to enjoy the LIVE playing experience.