To our valuable students and parents.

RATES –  Half hour rate will be $22.00 to all students.

MONTHLY PAYMENT TERMS – Due on the last week of each month

Monthly Payment is due on the last lesson day of each month. We require a week’s notice to revise our schedule on a monthly basis.  If you have a pre-booked time and do not come in for the first lesson of the month you will still be charged for the missed lesson. A make up lesson will be offered within three weeks of the date of the scheduled lesson based on available time slots and if proper notice was given to our office.  We have always been very co-operative with students who become sick and have to cancel a lesson. If cancelled with 24 hours notice we will offer a make up lesson. If we cannot utilize the cancellation time due to same day notice or a No Show we cannot offer a make up lesson.


Zone Guitars operates as a teaching school that works on a 40 Hour week as do most of our customers. We therefore assign a time slot to each student that signs up with us. The time slots make up our monthly budget and have to be paid for and accounted for. When you sign with Zone Guitars you are paying for a time slot on a monthly basis for as long as you remain a student.

Community classes and Hockey Leagues etc. do not refund their members for missed lessons. We take our business very seriously and constantly seek new ways to improve our teaching methods and business practices. We therefore ask that our students and clients to return the same courtesy and to respect the policies we have in place.

We are committed to offer the best lessons at the best value and expect our students and teachers are paid if a student is a no-show without notice. As a business we cannot afford to lose lessons for prime time spots. This is a firm and fair policy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 905 239 0323.

Thank you.

Deborah Sutton
Zone Guitars & Lessons

Music lessons Pickering Ontario.